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The History Of The Classic Little Party Dresses

Published March 28, 2014 by dressshoppingguide

Little dresses began to appear in the cocktail parties in 1920s. At that time, they were very popular daily dresses, they are usually long, loose-fitting, jewel-colored dresses. The women at that time often wore fashion hats and long sleeves to match with their parties dresses. In 1926, Gabrielle CoCo Chanel launched a simple black sheath/column dress on the American fashion magazine VOGUE. This black dress is very simple and only decorated with very simple embellishments. She also predicted that this kind of dress would become the prototype of all essential women’s clothes. Until the late 1920s, little party dresses still imitated the daytime dress clothing design, but has begun to enter its evolution.

In 1930s and 1940s, a kind of little party dress that can be worn all day came out. These kinds of dresses were usually black, silk and satin are the most common seen fabrics of the dresses. The length is generally just to the knee position. The rise of the little black dress is mainly due to two reasons. The first is because the little black dress looks simple and rigorous as office clothes, but also looks very stylish and elegant as party dress. The other reason is that the photography      technology was limited to black and white photography, female stars were usually dressed in black dresses in the film to avoid dress color distortions in the movie.

After World War II, the styles of little party dresses had changed a lot. Many soldiers who returned from foreign country brought many fabric s of other nations into the clothing industry of Western society. The styles of the party dresses are more and more sundry. The length of the party dress was shorter and shorter, the neckline became lower and lower, more and more sleeveless designs came out. The post-war dresses used more reflective and shiny sequins and embroidery to make the dress more attractive. Check party dresses 2014 at

The 1950s was the heyday of small party dresses. The colors for the dresses were various. Many colors like pink, silver and golden came out, black was no long the main color for little dresses. Decorations on the dresses reduced, the skirt became more and more narrow. As the cocktail became unfashionable, most people stay home at night. Thus the late 1960s, homemade fancy dress were replaced by chic little dresses, but the designs of little dresses still kept up with the trend at that time.

In 1970s, the little relaxed dresses were replaced by jumpsuits and pants. After the 1980s, little dress gained the love of the public again. In 90s of last century, the re-emergence of small dress became popular, many Hollywood actresses appeared wearing mini dresses on the red carpets. Since then, many fashion designers began to re-launch the little dresses which have been ignored for two decades.

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Top 3 wedding colors in 2014

Published March 17, 2014 by dressshoppingguide

After a winter’s waiting, spring has finally arrived! There are so many pleasant sceneries in the spring, many lovers choose this season to invite friends and family to witness their sweet moment – wedding. So in this colorful spring, how to pick colors for your spring wedding? Do you prefer warm color or cold color? If you have not chosen a specific color scheme, I will offer you some ideas.

First, light blue wedding

For light blue wedding, many people love and hate it at the same time, they love the elegant, noble and glamorous feelings that light blue shows, however, there will be restrictions on the choice of flowers. Here are some tips on planning a light blue wedding. Blue flowers are relatively rare, the most common seen flowers used on wedding are blue rose, blue hydrangea and blue gentian, prices are relatively high if you want to use these flowers to build a blue wedding. In fact, you do not have to use flowers on too many places, you can use auxiliary materials instead of flowers.

If you want to build a blue wedding, in addition to flowers, other elements like cloth, ribbons, dresses, tableware, background panels and lighting are also very good at building blue word. What’s more, blue wedding does not mean that you can only use blue, others colors like white, bright yellow and purple go well with light blue.

Second, purple wedding

Purple, mysterious and noble, is one of the hottest colors for wedding in nowadays. If you love the romantic European style wedding, a purple wedding is your first choice. Purple is a very common seen color in western outdoor weddings. If you want to create a unique and fashion purple wedding, you can combine the most popular fashion elements like beads and iron art. What’s more, you can also use tableware, background panels and lighting to decorate your wedding. You can choose purple bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaid group. Choose beautiful purple bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaid group at .

Third, mint green wedding

When holding an outdoor wedding, mint green wedding theme will make the whole wedding scene full of fresh and clean feelings. The mint green bridal bouquet and trinkets will let the guests have cool and comfortable memories. Fresh and elegant table flowers, creative table cards, natural and fresh tablecloth… Everything is so chic with mint green. You can just imagine the moment when you and your lover cut the beautiful mint green wedding cake at the witness of the guests, so sweet and memorable! If you are a very modern avant-garde bride, you can also wear a mint green wedding dress on the wedding, colorful wedding dress is a trend in recent years, you can find many colorful wedding dresses at

How do you like these colors?