Be Feminine And Charming With Lace Dresses

Published April 16, 2014 by dressshoppingguide

Lace first appeared in the United States. Lace making is a very complex process. A less complex pattern needs a skilled worker to spend a month or longer time to complete. Because the plaiting technique varies, lace works are generally created by a person independently, so each lace work is unique. These handmade lace works are used in high fashion or royal interior goods, ordinary people rarely see them. Most of the laces on the dresses are made by machine.

The hot summer is coming. Have you prepared some lace dresses for your summer? Lace dresses are the most feminine clothes. If you want to show your feminine charm, lace dresses are best clothes. Lace can be used in small areas like collar and cuffs to decorate the clothes, it can also be used in large areas. No matter how the wedding dress fashion changes, lace wedding dress still remain the first choice for many women.

Lace dress from Lunadress

How to identify good lace? Here are some tips. Usually, good lace works are made by hand, the patters of the lace are not all the same. If the laces are made by machine, the shapes of the patterns are almost the same. What’s more, good laces have excellent color stability. You can check the uniformity of color on the laces to identify the quality of the lace works.

Lace Dress From LunaDress

Lace is made of 100% polyester or half cotton and half polyester. If you want to wash your lace dresses, don’t put them in washing machine. You should wash your lace dresses by hand or ask for treatment in professional dry cleaners.When cleaning lace clothing, you must use a mild soap or specialized cleaners. Before cleaning your lace dress, you can place a towel in the pool, after you clean the dress, use the towel to wrap your lace dress and take them out off the water. This can prevent the laces from being accidentally pulled off. At last use clean and dry towel to suck the moisture of the lace dress and put the dress on the desktop and dry it naturally.

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