Political women’s brooch diplomacy

Published April 30, 2014 by dressshoppingguide

Recently Princess Kate visited New Zealand with Prince George. The brooch that Princess Kate wore has brought a wave of brooch fashion. In fact, the brooches are status symbols of politicians or royal women. Women can show elegance authority through jewelry, the brooch style will directly reflect the details of their fashion tastes, starting with “brooch diplomacy” effect.

As a politician, brooch is a key accessory. A brooch is not very luxury but it can help to improve your temperament. The dresses of Michelle Obama have always been highly anticipated. Although some people like her way of dressing and some people do not like her fashion tastes, most people are still in the affirmative on her dresses and jewelries.


The brooch that Princess Kate wore in the visit to New Zealand was brought from the Queen. This brooch was first worn by Queen Elizabeth II in 1954, quite very significance. In fact, this is not the first time that Princess Kate borrowed brooch from the Queen. She also borrowed a maple Leaf brooch from the Queen. Every time when Queen Elizabeth II attended the event, she is sure to wear a pearl necklace and an antique jewelry brooch.


Madeleine Albright is the first Secretary of State in American history. The most profound impression she brought to us was her “brooch diplomacy.” She has left the political arena for more than a decade. Until now, people are still being charmed by her charming demeanor.

When the diplomatic prospects were very optimistic and the situation was becoming clearer, she would wear ladybugs, butterflies and hot air balloon shaped brooch to express her comfortable and happy mood; When the progress of the negotiations was very difficult, she would wear turtle, snail or crab-shaped brooch to express her frustrations and unhappiness; when she met outdone opponents, she would wear spiders, bees and dragonfly shaped brooch to show her aggressive momentum and courage.


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