Have a romantic wedding with romantic floral hair accessories

Published May 28, 2014 by dressshoppingguide

We often describe women as flowers. I believe that every woman would love the beautiful flowers. The beautiful flowers will show your femininity to the extreme. Flower-inspired hair accessories are seen everywhere on this year’s runways. Flower hair accessories are best for romantic weddings!

There are many shops offering customized service. You can customize romantic flower hair accessories for your big day, you can not only request your unique flower shape, material, color, and even the number of petals, you can also ask for different individual requirements according to wedding venue or the wedding dress. You can find cheap bridal hair accessories at Haircomesthebride.com.

For women who love simple and elegant styles, you can choose flowers made of organza or tulle, the flower color should be similar with your wedding dress. For brides with short hair, you can choose flower accessories with exaggerated shapes. The lovely flowers will make you look vibrant and lovely, your temperament will impress every wedding guest.

flower hair accessories

Romance “floral” style steps:
1, After cleaning work and maintenance work, first take the right amount of hair cream or oil onto the tails of your hair, then dry your hair. This will so not only can make the hair more smooth and easy care, but also make the overall shape more docile.
2, Fix all your hair back on your head with rubber band. If you want your hair to be more natural and gentle, you can leave a little hair on both sides.
3, If you have short hair, you can use an artificial curly hair ring to cover the rubber band.
4, Wear the flowers on your fixed hair bun.

flower hair accessories

Hair Care Tips
1, Usually, I recommend you to use warm water to wash your hair, do not choose too hot or too cold water. After you have washed your hair, you can wrap your hair with a towel and then gently press on the towel to such water drops on wet hair.
2, Take proper amount of hair cream or hair oil on your hair, do not put them on your scalp. Then you can wear your shower cap for minutes.
3, If you want to reach better hair caring effect, you can heat the wet towel in the microwave for two minutes and then put it on the shower cap, letting the nutritional essence being absorbed more fully.

Flower hair accessories

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