Indispensable Clothes And Accessories To Keep You Fashion

Published June 18, 2014 by dressshoppingguide

Do you know what are hot in this summer? What are your must-have clothes and accessories? Let’s follow the fashion icons to find the hottest trends in this summer!

Maxi Dress

No matter one piece long dresses or floor length skirts, they will give you unparalleled elegance and feminine feeling. If glamour is your middle name, add some maxi dresses to your closets! For girls who are not confident about their legs, the elegant long dresses or long skirts are best choice! If you want to appear slim and tall, empire floor length dresses will be perfect for you!

In this summer, see-through long dresses are very popular. You will look so sexy and feminine.

see-through dress

Floral dresses are also very big trends in this summer. If you are going to have a holiday, buy some long floral dresses! You can wear a pair of comfortable flats or wedge sandals with the floral dress. I believe the beautiful dresses will give good mood.

floral dress

Silk scarves are timeless accessories for many women. Famous film stars like Audrey Hepburn, Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie are all scarf lovers. There are many ways to wear a scarf. You can tie it around your neck, wrap it around the wrist or bag, or you can use it as hair accessory.

You can fold the scarf into a strip or ribbon, twine your head and then tie a knot. A very vintage sixties and seventies hippie style is built! When you tie the scarf on your head, you originally extraordinary hairstyle soon becomes playful and sweet!

silk scarf

If you are short hairs and can’t do complex hairstyles, the scarves are your best hair accessories. What’s more, you can use scarves in nearly every season. So, buying a scarf is very cost-effective!

silk scarf

Every woman has a “lace dream”. Lace clothes are essential clothes for many women. Whether you are young and lively girls or success and mature women, you can always find your lace style! In a word, lace is suitable for women of every age.

White lace dresses are most common seen lace styles on the street. White lace dresses give us pure feelings. We usually see young girls wear white lace dress.

white lace dress


While black lace dresses are synonymous with sexy and mystery. Black lace dresses will make you full of feminine charm. If you wish to stand out on your wedding, lace wedding dresses are certainly the best choices! Find 300+ adorable new lace dresses at LunaDress!

lace see-through top

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