Learn To Dress from Victoria Beckham

Published July 9, 2014 by dressshoppingguide

July 4, 2014 is the 15th wedding anniversary of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham. They started to date in 1997. They have loved each other for 17 years. So many star couples divorced every year. But the marriage of David and Victoria has lasted for so long. And they gave birth to 4 children during their marriage life. David and Victoria are known as the most stylish couple in vogue world. Victoria is undoubtedly a successful woman. Many people admire Victoria’s fashion tastes.

Victoria Beckham was one of the most popular and representative member of World Cup WAGs. However, she never gave up to her independence as a fashionable woman. She has given birth to three sons and a daughter for David Beckham. As an independent woman, Victoria Beckham always works very hard in the pursuit of her own career, and perhaps this is the fundamental reason that she can capture Beckham for 15 years.

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham

Victoria is always very thin though she has give birth to four children. We do not see any fat on her waist and legs. Victoria has her unique dressing ideas. Otherwise she can’t become a famous designer in fashion circles. What are Victoria’s favorite dress colors?


I think orange is her favorite dress color. The orange clothes look well with Victoria’s healthy skin color.

 Victoria BeckhamNude

Nude color is also love by Victoria. Victoria has cool temperament and warm brown skin. The sexy nude colors are very consistent with her temperament.

 Victoria BeckhamBlack

Victoria looked so gorgeous with black clothes. Browse wide selection of black colored evening dresses in UK.

 Victoria Beckham


Blue clothes reflected Victoria’s intellectual beauty. The woman who has a clever head is the most beautiful woman. And Victoria is definitely a smart woman. She looked great in different  shades of blue.


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