Four Impressive Celebrity Gowns in History

Published July 29, 2014 by dressshoppingguide

Celebrities are always the fashion leaders in the fashion circle. Many people get to know the fashion trends through celebrity dresses. In the post, I will share four very impressive celebrity dresses with you.


Gwyneth Paltrow’s Ralph Lauren dress

This pink Ralph Lauren taffeta dress was highly controversial. Some people loved this dress very much, and praise Gwyneth Paltrow that she launched a burst of pink fashion trend. However, some people hated this dress and think it “stupid dress”. Even the mother of Gwyneth Paltrow said:” I hate this stupid dress!” Gwyneth won the Oscar for best actress. She was so excited that Jack Nicholson had stepped forward to hold her in case she fell.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Jennifer Lopez’s Versace dress

Jennifer Lopez wore a deep V neck Versace dress on the red carpet of 2000 Grammy Awards. She attracted the attention of all the media as soon as she appeared on the red carpet. This dress is only second to the pin dress worn by Elizabeth Hurley among Versace most well-known designs. In fact, Jennifer was the third star who wore this dress on the red carpet. Donatella Versace and Geri Halliwell had worn this dress before. But none them had receive good effect as Jennifer.

Jennifer Lopez

Christian Dio’s Christian Dior dress

Kate Moss appeared on the “golden age of haute couture” exhibition in a vintage Christian Dior dress. Courtney Love stepped on her dress involuntarily. The dress was ripped. The damaged areas grew bigger and bigger. At the end of the event, Kate ripped the dress and wrapped it around the waist, turning it into a mini dress. She left V&A and attended another event of Dorchester with this “mini dress”.

Kate Moss

Michelle Obama’s Jason Wu dress

In 2009, Obama was elected U.S. president. In his inaugural address, Michelle chose a dress which was designed by unknown 26-year-old designer Jason Wu. Even Jason Wu was very surprised. He even didn’t know that his dress was selected by Michelle. He realized it until Michelle Obama appeared in the TV with the dress. This dress was donated to the Museum of History of the United States Smith.

Jason Wu dress by Michelle Obama

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