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Guides on planning a pumpkin wedding

Published October 22, 2014 by dressshoppingguide

Pumpkin is a color that resembles pumpkins. The first recorded use of pumpkin as a color name in English was in 1922. This is a color that represents autumn. If you are planning an autumn wedding, you may add this color to your wedding. Here are some wonderful ideas for an pumpkin wedding.

For autumn wedding décor, pumpkins are one of the popular choices. It might be the sweetest hint of fall. The color of it also shows the typical color palette of fall. Meanwhile, as the symbol of Halloween and Thanksgiving Day, pumpkins will also make your holiday wedding more special. As for the rustic fall themed wedding decorations, pumpkins will compliment your wedding by great arrangements.

It is so easy to get to get overwhelmed when you are planning a rustic fall wedding. Someone even doesn’t know exactly what direction to go in. I know so many brides who start to plan a fall wedding and begin to throw everything fall-like like leaves, apples, pumpkins and harvest colors into the wedding decor which can start to look cluttered and actually lose some of it beauty. Sometimes the less is more theory works really well for a wedding and I really feel that idea works great for the fall wedding decor. Here are five super cool ideas for a pumpkin wedding!

An interesting favor idea and reception area is a stylish and modern pumpkin patch like this couple created. This silhouette pumpkin is gorgeous and making two of them, one for the bride and one for the groom, would be a great way to incorporate vintage, modern and autumn styles into your wedding.


Instead of traditional baskets, have your flower girls carry pumpkins down the aisle. This is really unique, isn’t it? For you bridesmaid group, you can ask them to dress in nice pumpkin bridesmaid dresses. 2000+ bridesmaid dresses are online at LunaDress, pick some for your girls!


Very small pumpkins are perfect for place cards. You can add names with stencils, spray paint them silver for a more sophisticated look or leave them as they are to add to a rustic autumn theme.


Try mini pumpkin tarts as appetizers and go for pumpkin bread or even pumpkin butter for the dinner rolls. Consider having salads with roasted pumpkin seeds. For dessert, ask your caterer to set up a table topped with mini pumpkin cheesecake bites.


The pumpkin is a quintessential fall symbol. There are many ways you can incorporate pumpkins in to your wedding cake from making them the centerpiece of the cake to having them serve as a cake topper. Pumpkin-themed cakes often include fall foliage as well.


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