How to save money on wedding accessories

Published November 12, 2014 by dressshoppingguide

It takes a lot time and energy to plan a wedding. Many people would experience financial hardship when planning their weddings. They will easily run out of budget. Here are some great ideas on saving money on wedding accessories if you have a tight budget for your wedding.

Save money on wedding jewelry

Bride must wear some jewelry on her big day. When all is said and done, what you are left with after the wedding are two people with rings on their fingers, so wedding jewelry plays an important part. If you don’t let yourself go into the more expensive shops, then you’ll be less tempted to go beyond your budget. This is the number one way to save money on wedding jewelry. When you are shopping wedding jewelry, you’d better ask those who are frugal and know how to find good deals. Make sure that your shopping partners are aware of your budget and will encourage you to stick to it. As with wedding dresses, why buy jewelry that you may only wear once? You can consider borrowing your mother’s pearls or your aunt’s diamond earrings, especially if they wore them at their weddings. Sentimental value counts.

vintage wedding dress

Save money on wedding veil

Wedding veils can be very expensive for something you will never wear again. With some fabric and basic sewing skills, you can personalize your veil especially for you and at a fraction of the cost. All the materials that you need for your cheap wedding veil can be purchased at your local craft or fabric store. You can DIY your wedding veil at home. First, you must decide how long you want your wedding veil to be. Consider the style of your dress when making this decision. Then, you can purchase enough tulle at your local craft or fabric store to make your veil. Buy a little extra tulle just to be safe. Hold up the tulle to the place on your head where you plan on wearing your hair piece. Decide on the exact length of your veil. After that, you can add a few inches to the exact length of your veil and carefully cut the tulle. At last, gather the top of the tulle to the width of your head piece. Carefully sew the tulle to your barrette. Click here to browse tons of cheap wedding accessories.

long sleeve wedding dress

Save money on wedding shoes

If you do not want to buy a new pair of shoes, you can embellish a pair of favorite shoes.One of the easiest ways to save money on wedding shoes is with shoe clips. Shoe clips are embellishments designed to change the look of your favorite pair of shoes in no time flat. Plus, it’s affordable to do so! If you plan to shop for new shoes, don’t wait until the last minute to score stylish wedding shoes. You’d better shop holiday sales, after-holiday sales, clearance racks, and search online for coupon codes or promotions for free shipping or discounts. Sometimes the perfect heels are just waiting around the corner – you just have to know where to look! If you’re not set on a ‘bridal’ look, ask a best friend to borrow a pair that you love from her collection for your wedding day.

lace wedding dress

At last, if you want to save money on wedding dresses. You can browse at reputable UK online retailers like Luna Dress. There are plenty of choices for you!


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