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Add Stripes to Your Closet This Spring

Published January 16, 2015 by dressshoppingguide

Stripes are everywhere! The changeable stripes are always the best source of inspiration for many fashion designers. Stripes are making a major statement on nearly every single spring runway. Add stripes to your wardrobe this spring! Here are some guides on wearing striped dresses.

The danger with wearing stripes is when they’re horizontal, and can give the illusion of adding a few pounds onto your shape. However, it doesn’t mean that stripes are off limits for fuller-figured fashionistas. The best way to avoid this is to wear diagonal or vertical stripes, unless you are very thin. Also, you should steer clear of horizontal-striped tops in stretchy fabrics. If you’re going for a chunkier, wider horizontal stripe, make sure that you’re exposing some skin. Striped dresses in v-neck, off-the-shoulder or tank styles would be better for fuller-figured people.

A scarf, handbag or headband is a great way to sport the striped trend, especially if you’re not quite ready to embrace a striped dress. Do not always stick to classic black and white stripes. Look for an unexpected color combination, like bright green and yellow or orange and pink, for an added punch. If you want preppy feel, add a belt to your striped dress. To maximize fashion mileage, look for a sleeveless striped dress that’s perfect for a warm afternoon; then top it off with a cardigan or blazer in a complementary color for work or a committee meeting.

Actress Jamie Chung looked quite elegant in this striped above the knee dress. The dress has an all over black and white striped design with a high neckline and full skirt. She adds a pop of color to her mainly black and white look with some bright blue heels.

Jamie Chung, striped dress

The metallic, multi-colored stripes on Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress are a glitzy take on your usual classic Breton stripes. The figure hugging dress features a gathered bust and multi-colored striped panels. She teams her striped dress with black velvet heels and assorted jewelry.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Rose Byrne opted for a pastel look in this sweet striped dress. The dress features a mix of black, white, and blush horizontal panels. It also has a v-neck line and full skirt. She accessorized the dress with a slim silver bangle, a matching blush Chanel handbag, and pointed black pumps.

Rose Byrne

Nikki Reed worked a colorful look in a blue and black striped dress. The dress has a pretty demure cut, with longer length sleeves and a wrap-style waist. She accessorized her dress with a yellow statement necklace and matching yellow pumps.

Nikki Reed

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Color trends I love in spring 2015

Published January 9, 2015 by dressshoppingguide

Want to keep up with the current trends? It’s quite easy! Just in color to your wardrobe. If you don’t know which colors are going to be popular in spring 2015, you may check the report at Pantone®. The color experts at Pantone® had released the top women’s colors for 2015 spring/summer back in late 2014. Here are five color trends I love most.


“Aquamarine is an airy blue with a dreamy feel. Cool and calming, ethereal Aquamarine is a shade with a wet and watery feel. Open and expansive, this restful blue also acts as a stress reducer.” – Pantone

Its name originated from the name of the jewel that has the same shade. Talking about the stylish value of this shade, we should first of all associate it with the feeling of freshness and weightlessness, which definitely has it positive impact on your day, too. Aquamarine radiates a high dose of relaxing energy, it’s advisable to wear aquamarine for summer celebrations and holidays.

aquamarine 2

Scuba Blue

“Scuba Blue conveys a sense of carefree playfulness.  Even though a cool shade, the vibrancy of Scuba Blue adds a splash of excitement to the palette. Scuba Blue offers a feeling of escape as it is reminiscent of a tropical ocean. This stirring and energizing shade takes us off to an exotic paradise that is pleasant and inviting, even if only a fantasy.” – Pantone

Scuba Blue is an invigorating turquoise, one to wear now if you are struggling to get back in the swing after Christmas. Reminiscent of a tropical ocean it will be gorgeous in the heat of summer.

scuba blue 2

Lucite Green

“Generally not thought of as a fashion color, though it does come back from time to time, Lucite Green is a soothing green shade whose time has really come again. Fresh and clarifying, cool and refreshing, Lucite Green has a minty glow. Light in weight and also in tone, Lucite Green seems almost transparent.” – Pantone

I was super pleased to see that Lucite Green would be in next season. It’s just gorgeous and fresh feeling. It’s such a wonderful contrast from the dark and still beautiful Grays Blacks and Blues we’re used to seeing all winter.

Lucite Green 2

Strawberry Ice

“Aptly named, Strawberry Ice is suggestive of a cooling and refreshing delicacy, yet its warmth as a color is quite appealing. Subtle and charming, Strawberry Ice is an ideal shade for Spring/Summer 2015. Both tasty and tasteful, Strawberry Ice is a confection color that evokes a feeling of being “in the pink,” emitting a flattering and healthy glow.” – Pantone

To wear pink without looking too girly is a great reason to wear strawberry ice. It allows a warm color to look cool, providing a healthy glow and a bubbly air around you. Strawberry ice is a wonderful color to reach for when you’re not feeling that great and you had a tough night the night before.

strawberry ice 2


“Spontaneous and gregarious, Tangerine is a juicy orange shade that is energizing, yet not jarring to the eye. Versatile Tangerine is striking enough to stand on its own and adds vitality to a printed pattern. Good natured and friendly, but with a tangy edge, this fun-loving color invites a smile.” – Pantone

Tangerine is an orange tone with added warmth. Try working it into a dull outfit for some flair, and thanks to its lack of sharpness it won’t take over your entire look. While I love this bright punchy shade, I have to admit it is not the easiest color to pull off, especially head-to-toe. That said, instead of drenching yourself in shades of tangerine, stay on trend by adding just a touch of tango!

Tangerine 2

Fashion Guide: How to choose right quinceanera dress

Published December 12, 2014 by dressshoppingguide

In Latin America families, a girl’s fifteenth birthday is very important since this birthday is celebrated differently from any other as it marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood. The fifteenth birthday of girl is also called quinceanera. To celebrate this big event, girls would wear beautiful quinceanera dress and makeup. Here is a guide on choosing the right quinceanera dress.

How to choose the right color for you quinceanera dress?

You should keep in mind that the quinceanera party is your party. Why not choose colors that you desire? You can ask yourself what your favorite colors are. If you don’t have any ideas, you can check your closets. This will help you to find your desired color. You can also try a new color that you’ve always wanted to use for your special night. Each of us have certain colors that bring out a certain glow in our skin tone and features! If you don’t know which color works well on you, you can try on different colors of clothing you have and choose the color that best suits you. What’s more, if you have any theme for your party, it is also advisable to base the dress on the theme you selected.

quinceanera dress

How to choose the right dress style for your body type?

Of all the dress styles, the big ball gown design is classic and timeless. It suited for a wide range of body types perfectly. While the ball gown design may work with different body types other variations will call for specific body types in order to pull off successfully. If you want go safe, choose a ball gown dress. A- Line silhouette dresses are best for complementing all kinds of figures especially when it has a sweetheart neckline. A corset will tend to create an emphasis on the female form when chosen correctly and also bring out the best. Empire gowns with sweetheart or halter necklines can suit different figures.

quinceanera dress

Tips on buying quinceanera dress

  1. If you know that a specific store is way out of your budget for a quinceanera dress, simply do not go inside! This will only cause you heartache and frustration if you see an amazing gown that you cannot afford.
  2. Think about what the weather will be like on your quinceanera. For example, if the date is set for August, you probably want to stay away from heavy ball gowns constructed from layers and layers of material.
  3. When choosing a quinceanera gown, your comfort is as important as elegance. You can’t enjoy your special day if you don’t feel at ease with your dress.

quinceanera dress

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Real Barbies on the runway: Moschino spring/summer 2015 show

Published September 24, 2014 by dressshoppingguide

In last season, the interesting elements like McDonald and SpongeBob SquarePants helped Moschino to get great success. The theme of the fashion in this season changed to Barbie doll. The Moschino Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Show was as excellent as the show in last season. The opening music that Jeremy chose for the show was the song “Barbie Girl”, released by Norwegian pop band Aqua in 1997.

Moschino 2

The models appeared on the runway with lovely gold wig and casual pink clothes. All of the pink clothes were printed with Moschino letters. If you are woman who love pink, you must be intoxicated to this pink sea. About the styles, Jeremy Scott continued the very popular crop top trend in last year. These lovely pink clothes emphasized the lively and dynamic sides of young girls. Apart from the sweet pink, we can also see all kinds of girly ice cream colors in the latter half of the show. View latest pink collection at LunaDress.


If you think that the Moschino banter style clothes are too exaggerated that you can’t wear them out, you can have a look at the accessories. You must fall in love these chic handbags and phone shells that are inspired from things like audio, cameras and high-heeled shoes.

Moschino 3

Moschino 4

Moschino 5

How do you like them?