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How to choose bridesmaid gowns for beach wedding

Published February 4, 2015 by dressshoppingguide

More and more brides-to-be tend to have fun and romantic beach weddings in modern society. Compared to traditional formal wedding, beach wedding is more relaxing and people will have more fun. As the brides need to find suitable wedding gowns for beach wedding, the bridesmaids also need right bridesmaid gowns. Here is a guide on how to choose right dresses for a romantic beach wedding.

Dress length ideas

This season’s most popular choice is still short tea length bridesmaid dresses. Floor length gowns are gorgeous but they may add inconvenience to your girls on the sand. It is important to keep your dresses short so that they don’t drag in the sand. You don’t want your bridesmaids being weighed down by the dress and by the sand at the same time. Short length bridesmaid gowns enable your bridesmaids to walk around freely. You need to select a dress that won’t drag in the sand or get wet if the waves roll in during the vows.

pink bridesmaid dress

Dress color ideas

Beaches feature plenty of natural and soothing colors. Your bridesmaid dresses shouldn’t work against these soft colors of the beach. Colors that will create casual wedding fun would be perfect. Brides can choose the same color or make the shoot vivid with colorful dress combinations. One color palette that always works with a beach wedding is the colors of the ocean or in essence cool tones. Soft greens, blues and even purples help your bridesmaids to stand out in the natural setting, but in a good way.

blue bridesmaid dress

Dress fabric idea

Most beach weddings take place as the sun in beating down. Your bridesmaids will be a great deal happier if you select lighter fabrics that don’t sit tightly on the body. Light and flowing dresses say summer elegance without trying too hard. Chiffon is always good choice for beach wedding bridesmaid dresses as it flows well with an ocean breeze. The only aspect to flowing and light fabric bridesmaid dresses that you do need to pay attention to is just how flowing the dresses are. There should be an undershirt that fits a little bit closer to the body in case the wind kicks up as your bridesmaids stand on the altar.

lake blue bridesmaid dress

A bridesmaid’s dress should complement what the bride is wearing. If the bride opts for a sleek dress, the bridesmaids should have a similar elegant look. If the bride is wearing a casual sundress, the bridesmaids should be just as casual. Strapless or sleeveless bridesmaid dresses are ideal for a beach wedding. If there is a breeze or a slight chill, consider wearing a light wrap or shawl over your dress. About the accessories, keep them simple. Just pair the dress with a pair of sandals or dressy flip flops.

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How to wear fruity fashion

Published July 17, 2014 by dressshoppingguide

Fashion is ever-changing. It’s hard to know what will become popular at next moment. I think few people can resist the fashion which can provoke the taste buds. In this year, so many fashion designers took aim at the healthy and fresh fruits.

Fruity fashion has long been common in the fashion circle. It has been popular since 2012. From exaggerated Stella McCartney orange dress and Prada banana dress we can see the ubiquitous fruity fashion. Tropical prints are frequently seen in summer vacation dress series. If you are going to have a vacation or date, don’t miss the sweet fruity clothes and accessories.

Fruity Fashion

Dresses or accessories with lovely fruit prints are sure to bring you good mood in hot summer. Let’s have a look at the chic fruity collocations.

Cherry is a very popular kind of fruits. The brightly-colored red fruits are absolutely your favorites in summer. If you wish to look vintage and sweet, you can pick a cherry print dress and a pair of sexy red high heels.

Cherry print dress

Cherry collection

Watermelons are very common summer fruits. They can supply water to the human body. This typical summer fruit is most suitable for summer fashion. Look at this watermelon-like plastic bag, looks so delicious and chic! You will become the focus of the crowd if you bring this bag with you when you are on the street. What’s more, watermelon print dresses are also very good choices in summer. If you want to be more eye-catching, you may wear a pair of bright colored high heels with the dress.

Watermelon bag

Watermelon collection

If you are going to have a vacation on the beach, then you can’t miss the pineapple print clothes. As the most representative tropical fruit, pineapple got a place in the fashion circle with its unique “shape”.

pineapple pants

pineapple collectionWant to follow this trend?