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How to save money on wedding accessories

Published November 12, 2014 by dressshoppingguide

It takes a lot time and energy to plan a wedding. Many people would experience financial hardship when planning their weddings. They will easily run out of budget. Here are some great ideas on saving money on wedding accessories if you have a tight budget for your wedding.

Save money on wedding jewelry

Bride must wear some jewelry on her big day. When all is said and done, what you are left with after the wedding are two people with rings on their fingers, so wedding jewelry plays an important part. If you don’t let yourself go into the more expensive shops, then you’ll be less tempted to go beyond your budget. This is the number one way to save money on wedding jewelry. When you are shopping wedding jewelry, you’d better ask those who are frugal and know how to find good deals. Make sure that your shopping partners are aware of your budget and will encourage you to stick to it. As with wedding dresses, why buy jewelry that you may only wear once? You can consider borrowing your mother’s pearls or your aunt’s diamond earrings, especially if they wore them at their weddings. Sentimental value counts.

vintage wedding dress

Save money on wedding veil

Wedding veils can be very expensive for something you will never wear again. With some fabric and basic sewing skills, you can personalize your veil especially for you and at a fraction of the cost. All the materials that you need for your cheap wedding veil can be purchased at your local craft or fabric store. You can DIY your wedding veil at home. First, you must decide how long you want your wedding veil to be. Consider the style of your dress when making this decision. Then, you can purchase enough tulle at your local craft or fabric store to make your veil. Buy a little extra tulle just to be safe. Hold up the tulle to the place on your head where you plan on wearing your hair piece. Decide on the exact length of your veil. After that, you can add a few inches to the exact length of your veil and carefully cut the tulle. At last, gather the top of the tulle to the width of your head piece. Carefully sew the tulle to your barrette. Click here to browse tons of cheap wedding accessories.

long sleeve wedding dress

Save money on wedding shoes

If you do not want to buy a new pair of shoes, you can embellish a pair of favorite shoes.One of the easiest ways to save money on wedding shoes is with shoe clips. Shoe clips are embellishments designed to change the look of your favorite pair of shoes in no time flat. Plus, it’s affordable to do so! If you plan to shop for new shoes, don’t wait until the last minute to score stylish wedding shoes. You’d better shop holiday sales, after-holiday sales, clearance racks, and search online for coupon codes or promotions for free shipping or discounts. Sometimes the perfect heels are just waiting around the corner – you just have to know where to look! If you’re not set on a ‘bridal’ look, ask a best friend to borrow a pair that you love from her collection for your wedding day.

lace wedding dress

At last, if you want to save money on wedding dresses. You can browse at reputable UK online retailers like Luna Dress. There are plenty of choices for you!


Guides on planning a pumpkin wedding

Published October 22, 2014 by dressshoppingguide

Pumpkin is a color that resembles pumpkins. The first recorded use of pumpkin as a color name in English was in 1922. This is a color that represents autumn. If you are planning an autumn wedding, you may add this color to your wedding. Here are some wonderful ideas for an pumpkin wedding.

For autumn wedding décor, pumpkins are one of the popular choices. It might be the sweetest hint of fall. The color of it also shows the typical color palette of fall. Meanwhile, as the symbol of Halloween and Thanksgiving Day, pumpkins will also make your holiday wedding more special. As for the rustic fall themed wedding decorations, pumpkins will compliment your wedding by great arrangements.

It is so easy to get to get overwhelmed when you are planning a rustic fall wedding. Someone even doesn’t know exactly what direction to go in. I know so many brides who start to plan a fall wedding and begin to throw everything fall-like like leaves, apples, pumpkins and harvest colors into the wedding decor which can start to look cluttered and actually lose some of it beauty. Sometimes the less is more theory works really well for a wedding and I really feel that idea works great for the fall wedding decor. Here are five super cool ideas for a pumpkin wedding!

An interesting favor idea and reception area is a stylish and modern pumpkin patch like this couple created. This silhouette pumpkin is gorgeous and making two of them, one for the bride and one for the groom, would be a great way to incorporate vintage, modern and autumn styles into your wedding.


Instead of traditional baskets, have your flower girls carry pumpkins down the aisle. This is really unique, isn’t it? For you bridesmaid group, you can ask them to dress in nice pumpkin bridesmaid dresses. 2000+ bridesmaid dresses are online at LunaDress, pick some for your girls!


Very small pumpkins are perfect for place cards. You can add names with stencils, spray paint them silver for a more sophisticated look or leave them as they are to add to a rustic autumn theme.


Try mini pumpkin tarts as appetizers and go for pumpkin bread or even pumpkin butter for the dinner rolls. Consider having salads with roasted pumpkin seeds. For dessert, ask your caterer to set up a table topped with mini pumpkin cheesecake bites.


The pumpkin is a quintessential fall symbol. There are many ways you can incorporate pumpkins in to your wedding cake from making them the centerpiece of the cake to having them serve as a cake topper. Pumpkin-themed cakes often include fall foliage as well.


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Indispensable Clothes And Accessories To Keep You Fashion

Published June 18, 2014 by dressshoppingguide

Do you know what are hot in this summer? What are your must-have clothes and accessories? Let’s follow the fashion icons to find the hottest trends in this summer!

Maxi Dress

No matter one piece long dresses or floor length skirts, they will give you unparalleled elegance and feminine feeling. If glamour is your middle name, add some maxi dresses to your closets! For girls who are not confident about their legs, the elegant long dresses or long skirts are best choice! If you want to appear slim and tall, empire floor length dresses will be perfect for you!

In this summer, see-through long dresses are very popular. You will look so sexy and feminine.

see-through dress

Floral dresses are also very big trends in this summer. If you are going to have a holiday, buy some long floral dresses! You can wear a pair of comfortable flats or wedge sandals with the floral dress. I believe the beautiful dresses will give good mood.

floral dress

Silk scarves are timeless accessories for many women. Famous film stars like Audrey Hepburn, Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie are all scarf lovers. There are many ways to wear a scarf. You can tie it around your neck, wrap it around the wrist or bag, or you can use it as hair accessory.

You can fold the scarf into a strip or ribbon, twine your head and then tie a knot. A very vintage sixties and seventies hippie style is built! When you tie the scarf on your head, you originally extraordinary hairstyle soon becomes playful and sweet!

silk scarf

If you are short hairs and can’t do complex hairstyles, the scarves are your best hair accessories. What’s more, you can use scarves in nearly every season. So, buying a scarf is very cost-effective!

silk scarf

Every woman has a “lace dream”. Lace clothes are essential clothes for many women. Whether you are young and lively girls or success and mature women, you can always find your lace style! In a word, lace is suitable for women of every age.

White lace dresses are most common seen lace styles on the street. White lace dresses give us pure feelings. We usually see young girls wear white lace dress.

white lace dress


While black lace dresses are synonymous with sexy and mystery. Black lace dresses will make you full of feminine charm. If you wish to stand out on your wedding, lace wedding dresses are certainly the best choices! Find 300+ adorable new lace dresses at LunaDress!

lace see-through top

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Have a romantic wedding with romantic floral hair accessories

Published May 28, 2014 by dressshoppingguide

We often describe women as flowers. I believe that every woman would love the beautiful flowers. The beautiful flowers will show your femininity to the extreme. Flower-inspired hair accessories are seen everywhere on this year’s runways. Flower hair accessories are best for romantic weddings!

There are many shops offering customized service. You can customize romantic flower hair accessories for your big day, you can not only request your unique flower shape, material, color, and even the number of petals, you can also ask for different individual requirements according to wedding venue or the wedding dress. You can find cheap bridal hair accessories at

For women who love simple and elegant styles, you can choose flowers made of organza or tulle, the flower color should be similar with your wedding dress. For brides with short hair, you can choose flower accessories with exaggerated shapes. The lovely flowers will make you look vibrant and lovely, your temperament will impress every wedding guest.

flower hair accessories

Romance “floral” style steps:
1, After cleaning work and maintenance work, first take the right amount of hair cream or oil onto the tails of your hair, then dry your hair. This will so not only can make the hair more smooth and easy care, but also make the overall shape more docile.
2, Fix all your hair back on your head with rubber band. If you want your hair to be more natural and gentle, you can leave a little hair on both sides.
3, If you have short hair, you can use an artificial curly hair ring to cover the rubber band.
4, Wear the flowers on your fixed hair bun.

flower hair accessories

Hair Care Tips
1, Usually, I recommend you to use warm water to wash your hair, do not choose too hot or too cold water. After you have washed your hair, you can wrap your hair with a towel and then gently press on the towel to such water drops on wet hair.
2, Take proper amount of hair cream or hair oil on your hair, do not put them on your scalp. Then you can wear your shower cap for minutes.
3, If you want to reach better hair caring effect, you can heat the wet towel in the microwave for two minutes and then put it on the shower cap, letting the nutritional essence being absorbed more fully.

Flower hair accessories

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Top 3 wedding colors in 2014

Published March 17, 2014 by dressshoppingguide

After a winter’s waiting, spring has finally arrived! There are so many pleasant sceneries in the spring, many lovers choose this season to invite friends and family to witness their sweet moment – wedding. So in this colorful spring, how to pick colors for your spring wedding? Do you prefer warm color or cold color? If you have not chosen a specific color scheme, I will offer you some ideas.

First, light blue wedding

For light blue wedding, many people love and hate it at the same time, they love the elegant, noble and glamorous feelings that light blue shows, however, there will be restrictions on the choice of flowers. Here are some tips on planning a light blue wedding. Blue flowers are relatively rare, the most common seen flowers used on wedding are blue rose, blue hydrangea and blue gentian, prices are relatively high if you want to use these flowers to build a blue wedding. In fact, you do not have to use flowers on too many places, you can use auxiliary materials instead of flowers.

If you want to build a blue wedding, in addition to flowers, other elements like cloth, ribbons, dresses, tableware, background panels and lighting are also very good at building blue word. What’s more, blue wedding does not mean that you can only use blue, others colors like white, bright yellow and purple go well with light blue.

Second, purple wedding

Purple, mysterious and noble, is one of the hottest colors for wedding in nowadays. If you love the romantic European style wedding, a purple wedding is your first choice. Purple is a very common seen color in western outdoor weddings. If you want to create a unique and fashion purple wedding, you can combine the most popular fashion elements like beads and iron art. What’s more, you can also use tableware, background panels and lighting to decorate your wedding. You can choose purple bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaid group. Choose beautiful purple bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaid group at .

Third, mint green wedding

When holding an outdoor wedding, mint green wedding theme will make the whole wedding scene full of fresh and clean feelings. The mint green bridal bouquet and trinkets will let the guests have cool and comfortable memories. Fresh and elegant table flowers, creative table cards, natural and fresh tablecloth… Everything is so chic with mint green. You can just imagine the moment when you and your lover cut the beautiful mint green wedding cake at the witness of the guests, so sweet and memorable! If you are a very modern avant-garde bride, you can also wear a mint green wedding dress on the wedding, colorful wedding dress is a trend in recent years, you can find many colorful wedding dresses at

How do you like these colors?

Different wedding custom from different cultures

Published August 20, 2013 by dressshoppingguide

A wedding ceremony is one of the most significant events in the lifetime of a bride. And the perfect bridal dresses is the dream of the brides. The bridal dresses should not be very expensive, but it must be the most suit for you. The perfect bride dresses can light up the bride in the crowded.

Cultures differ from many aspects, such as cloth, eating, house and wedding. Different cultures have different and unique wedding customs. Now let’s talk about the interesting wedding customs in different countries.

The Chinese call the wedding day a big day, there will have a matchmaker for the Chinese wedding. The Chinese prefer the red wedding dress for a wedding ceremony. They think red can bring them good fortune. In western, they prefer the white bridal dresses symbolize the pure motion of the couple.

Picking wedding and reception flowers can easily sometimes become quite fascinating and also at times extremely traumatic. With the aid of a wedding coordinator or perhaps a designer, it is possible to lower the pressure plus delight in when.

Everyone wants to have a memorable wedding day, not just for themselves but for every person who is attending their wedding. And it is no simple task to fulfill the wish completely while remaining within the budget you have. A wedding ceremony is one of the most significant events in the lifetime of a bride. And the perfect wedding dresses is the dream of the brides. The bride dresses should not be very expensive, but it must be the most suit for you. The perfect bridal dresses can light up the bride in the crowded. In conclusion, Bridal dresses come in different sizes and in a variety of patterns. It all depends on what a woman desires to wear on her wedding day. Halter necks, strapless styles, sweetheart necks and off-shoulder cuts can all be procured at cheap prices online. You can choose the one you love most.

Then the wedding ceremony will be Completely different and all of them are interesting. In china, In traditional Chinese wedding ceremony the bride and groom will first pray to heaven and earth, then to the groom parents or family elders and lastly bow to each other, The three prayers sealed the marriage. The couple was escorted into the bridal chamber, the equivalent of the bridal room, to consummate their marriage. In western, they will hold the wedding in a Church and there will be a Pastor to take charge of wedding ceremony and Read the oath. Different culture will choose different Luna Dress for a wedding.

If you want to know more information of the styles of wedding dresses you can visite the – Prom Gowns, Party Dresses, Fashion Luna cocktail dresses and Wedding dresses online. If you have more information about the wedding customs you can share with me.